Changes Can Happen

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Book Description:
This is a book to help you find your way back, back to your drive, to your purpose, and most importantly, back to you. Though all people struggle with feelings of being lost and overwhelmed, those of us in positions of authority often struggle more than others. We often feel the need to remain strong and never let a crack show in our façade. We aren’t allowed to show doubt, and we aren’t allowed to be imperfect. Whenever we encounter a new challenge on top of those we deal with on a daily basis, we tend to handle it—as with everything else—on our own, never showing the stress that it creates or the angst and anger that it can sometimes cause. To do this, we often have to ignore our own needs so we can focus on the needs of those we are responsible for—a ministry, employees, or the little ones at home—leaving us to forge on alone, pushing through all of our problems and locking inside all the feelings that we should be disclosing.